Mobile Marketing – Going from Regular Cell Phone to Smart Phones

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Just recently upgraded to a smartphone and now I wonder why I waited so long to do it. The cost of smart phones have really dropped and when you think about all the functions that you get in return, you have to make the move.

Checking email and running mobile applications are probably the best reason for making the upgrade. The internet experience using a smart phone shows just how far tech products have come in a short time. The regular cell phones have a hard time doing just about anything online, but smart phones let your play video and run apps similar to what you experience on a laptop or desktop computer. You don’t have the full functionality of your desktop or laptop but it is a big jump from the old cell phones that took forever to get anything done.

Home business owners need to get up to speed with these mobile devices. Your prospects and customers are starting to adopt these cool tech toys and you want your company to be visible to them. What can you do if you don’t have a mobile website? You can still place your information in places that are mobile optimized. Think about using services like twitter and facebook. Social media applications are heavy with smart phones and mobile devices.

There are still a lot of home business owners that don’t have a website. I know it is hard to believe. Get your business online the easy way and take advantage of the new mobile market. Just setup a simple blog that is easily viewable on mobile phones and tablet computers like the apple ipad.

The internet is moving from the home to the individual. More mobile devices being released all the time and more and more people are going to be upgrading from simple cell phones that just make phone calls to smart phones that allow them to do much more while on the go.

Get your business prepared to work with these new mobile prospects. Create a blog that is mobile accessible. Get your information on services that are mobile optimized and learn all that you can about the is growing area of business.

Do you have a smartphone already? If Not, Learn how you can get one here.

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