Mobile Marketing – Are you using mobile marketing in your home business?

The internet is a perfect way to advertise for home and small business. Do you have an idea for a product or service? The web is known for bringing people together and now with social media you have the chance to connect with people fast around the same topic.

People are searching social media networks just like they search using the search engines. Just think about the real estate agent that needs to share information about a new property. They could create social media profiles and let people know about the new listings that they have for sale.

Social media apps are online and people love to use them. Connect with friends and family members. Social networking apps are great news sources. When you think of social media what do you think about? Some people might see someone sitting at home on the computer posting an update about their status. Social media has really left the building. Now with smart phones and mobile devices social networks are mobile.

Home and small business owners need to get educated about how to use social networks and mobile devices. Lets return to that real estate agent. Agents need to advertise their properties. How can real estate agents use social media and social networks to help spread the word about their listings. What if the agent created mobile websites for their listings? What if they included quick response codes and connections to social media applications on their offline marketing flyers? Real estate brokers are starting to learn how to adapt to the new relalities of mobile technology.

The smart real estate agents and brokers are embracing change and getting ahead. Technology can have a big impact on business. Mobile marketing presents a new opportunity for home and small business owners. This is just not about real estate agents. How can mobile marketing help your home or small business? Do you have a mobile optimized website? Are you using quick response or qr codes?

More of your potential clients and customers are upgrading from regular cell phones to smart phones. This is giving them access to the internet while they are away from home. This can be a big opportunity for your business.

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