Mobile Marketing and Pay Per Call

People are not really paying too much attention to the changes going on in marketing.  The old ways of putting up a website and adding content are still going on.  This has been the way that people try to earn money since the internet was started.

When the web was just starting up, it could take what seemed like forever to get a webpage to load.  The cellphones were as big as bricks and there was no high speed internet. Everything was slower.  Trying to pull up a webpage that had graphics or pictures would slow down to a creeping pain in the you know what.  This was also the time of dial up internet service.  You could hear the modem making all kinds of sounds and then you were connected.

We are now light years ahead of those days.  The internet is fast and it is not just something that can be accessed from home.  Now, just about everyone has a cellphone that can connect to the web.  This is where mobile marketing comes into play.  People have cellphones that are probably more powerful than those computers back when the web was just getting started up.  How are companies these days taking advantage of mobile web users?  It is strange, but it is really taking a page from the past.  Enter pay per call marketing.

People with cell phones can just call a number and it can result in earning marketing income.  You have to sign up with a company that offers pay per call ads.  It might have been hard to find a marketing company that offered these options, but now lots of affiliate marketing companies are making pay per call offers available.

The beauty of this new marketing channel is that is does not always have to be directed towards marketing online.  People have their cell phones with them just about all the time.  It is time to get into this new marketing channel before the word really starts to spread.

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