Marketing Course

Setting your marketing course can start with something simple.  Free classified ads are an inexpensive way to start testing your messages.  There is not telling how far your marketing message will reach through free classified ads.

Another low cost marketing method is blogging.  Outsourcing your article writing can free up some of your time.  Setting up a domain for a niche blog can be done really quickly even if you don’t have the top tech skills.

Buy a domain name that is easy to remember and then start filling it with your new articles.  Are you going to post all of your content on one day?  It might be better to add your content over time in a drip fashion.

Marketing with a blog can also be helped with videos and images.  You don’t just have to focus completely on adding text.  Make sure that you can reach a wider audience through different media options.

Marketing with social media is another choice.  Take advantage of twitter, facebook and linkedin.  There are lots of people that love using these services.  You can find ways to interact online and share information about your business without coming across as a salesperson.

Marketing with free document sites is easy to do.  Scribd and slideshare are two places that you want to post relevant content.  This is another free option for placing helpful and informative content.  Making pdfs is super simple.  Just save your documents in the pdf format.  You can use the open office software or google docs.

Marketing with images. Can you use software to create good looking images and pictures? Take pictures and make sure to add your url. Sharing photos is something that lots of people like to do these days. Take a look at sites like pinterest. Use software to make images for your blog posts.

Remember to use leverage.  How can you get more traffic for your sites?  Keep looking at marketing and how you can use it to attract the right prospects.

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