Making Money From Home – Gave up on Inbox Dollars

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There are lots of different get paid to sites that you can use to get stuff online. After trying a few of them for a while, I decided to start focusing my energies on the ones that have the best return.

Swagbucks has performed the best for me when it comes to getting amazon gift cards. They have multiple ways of earning swagbucks and they don’t make you wait forever to get your rewards.

Gifthulk comes in a close second, but I am thinking about leaving them alone too after I cash out for another amazon gift card. They have a lot of the same ways to earn points like swagbucks, but swagbucks seems to be more liberal with getting points.

Inboxdollars starts you off with money in your account for signing up, but it just seems to take too long to try and reach the payout amount of 30 dollars. Now maybe you could get to that level by doing more surveys, but I don’t like spending that much time trying to earn points. I posted a few referral banners, but nothing really came of it. So after reading a few other blog posts on the difficulty of getting paid, I decided to drop them from my daily activities.

Swagbucks makes it easy to get points a number of different ways. You can use the search page, follow the twitter updates and get points regularly. It just seems like a better use of time to focus on one of the rewards sites than to keep jumping around. You get more bang for your buck with swagbucks.



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