Make Your Plan – Get the information and start putting it to good use

Sit down and come up with an online and offline marketing plan.  There are so many different ways to promote, but you have to come up with your own strategy.

Where can you start to learn?  You can use the free tools online like youtube.  There are lots of people that create products and videos that you can watch.  There is still another item that you have to add.  You have to put your plans into real action.

Writing down your plan is a big part, but you have to start taking those small steps towards your goal.  Each little step helps you learn more.  You might want to start with a creating a blog. You can learn all the steps of blogging online and get one started today.

You are not going to get it all right the first time.  Mistakes will happen.  The key is to keep moving forward towards your goals. What do you want to do online and offline?  You don’t have to do just one.  Think about going after both.

Brainstorm and see what you can come up with.  Read some books on marketing.  Giving yourself some new tools might open the door for new ways to get more online and offline sales.

Make sure to take some notes on the new information that you are getting.  It is really easy to forget some of the main points.  Get a pen and pad to retain the really important ones.  Don’t forget to go back and read through your notes for a refresher.  People are getting information dumped into their laps all the time and the good information might get pushed out before it gets a chance to sink in.

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