Make Your Ebook

Wake up.  Everything is going digital and it is not going to stop.  Just think about the last time that you picked up a regular book or even a newspaper.  Information is moving much faster and people want to get it right now.  They don’t have to wait for shipping.  Just think about all the people that were waiting for gifts on Christmas that didn’t make it because of all the shipping delays.  This is the perfect reason to think about making your book an electronic book.

Reasons to make your ebook

With ebooks, you don’t have to worry about running out of inventory.  They hit the buy button and in a few seconds, they are getting the book instantly delivered to their device.

Get off the blog

How much content do you already have?  You might have plenty of information that is not getting into the right hands online, what about making the info available as an ebook?  Your ebooks could even be another source of traffic back to your blog.

use it for lead generation

You want more leads and your ebook might be the key.  One lead generation source is not enough.  Add ebooks as another option for getting people coming into your online business funnel.

use it to promote products and services

Ebooks can be used in the way that you want.  Take services and products and see how you can create content around them.  Can you tell stories about your products and services?   Sure, you can do  it.


new passive income stream

When you finish the book, you have a new income stream.  It doesn’t have to be subject to getting shut down.  You don’t have to worry about it expiring like a cost per action offer or stale bread.  You can launch each new river of income when the ebook is done.

more electronic reading devices

The change in mobile devices has been swift.  New ones keep getting launched.  The amazon kindle is a good selling information device.  All those people that buy them are going to need something to read.  The market is growing, so get your content in there.

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