Make Online Income – Writing Content and Using Affiliate Marketing

How do you make money using the internet?  Making money using the web will require a few different things to happen.  You are going to need traffic.   Getting traffic is just the first step.  After getting traffic, you are going to need the right offers.  Even after getting good offers, you are going to need something else.  What else are you going to need to make money online?  You are going to need conversions.

The first problem with making money online is getting people to come to your site.  How can you get them to come and see what you have to say?  It helps to know what they are looking for first.  Keyword tools can help you see what people are searching for online.  You could just start writing content and posting it online, but what if you are writing content that people don’t want?  Your site will be on the web, but the traffic will not come.  Don’t you think it is better to see what is popular online?  After you find the popular topics, you can start writing content that tightly targeted for the online market.

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Writing content is a time consuming task.  You can’t just put weak content online and expect people to come and visit.  But what happens if they do show up.  They land on your pages and they read something that is really good.  Do you have  a plan for making online sales.  You could get people coming to your site and reading your information and still not make any money online.  It happens all the time.  The second step of making money on the web is to have products and services to offer.  You don’t even have to produce the products and services yourself.  There are affiliate programs and networks that you can join.  Once you get approved, you can offer those affiliate products to people that come to your site.

Now you have people that are coming to your site and you have offers that fit your users.  Is that enough to start earning income online?  You might be surprised, but it might not be enough.  You could have all the right elements in place and people still don’t click your links and buy.  It can happen like this in the real world. Sometimes people might be sitting on the fence, or they are just not that into the products that you are promoting on your site.  Affiliate marketing is not easy. You have a lot of competition and now more people are hip to affiliate marketing online.

Making sales online will be determined by conversions.  What will make people choose to take the offers that you have on your sites and blogs?  This is the critical factor that most people want to learn.  All the traffic in the world, is worthless if you cannot transfer that traffic into real sales.

What can make the difference online?  Is it the content of your site?  Are you asking for the sale or just providing some general information about the topic. Copywriting is a special kind of online sales writing.  Some new online business owners might not think that copy writing is important.  You can get a clue about copywriting by just opening your email.  You have probably signed up for an email newsletter or two in the past.  What made you decide to finally make the jump and join the list.  You might not remember it exactly.  There had to be something that turned all the red lights green and got you to push the submit button to move ahead and get on that list.

Signing up for affiliate networks without learning the basics of sales writing and copywriting might leave you with a lot of zeros in your affiliate marketing accounts.  Learn more about copywriting secrets

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