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Companies want to make money using the internet. Regular people want to make money using the internet. Are you one of those groups that want to leverage internet technology and turn it into your own new way of making money.  You are not going to be alone.

Blogging has really caught on and lots of people setup their own blog sites.  With blogging, you can create content and post it online in a quick fashion.  The real question is how are you going to make money from your blogging?

Topical Blog Posts

Talk about current topics.  This might help you get some traffic around recent events.  You might want to check up on social media to see what people are discussing.  Getting in on the discussions happening right now might lead to some traffic from people that want to get different view points on current events.

Polling Questions

You might learn something by putting questions to your audience by asking polling questions.  You might notice a poll question on some of your favorite websites.  This is a great way to see what your audience is thinking.  You are giving them different options for polling questions and they can respond.  One part of blogging is getting interaction.  A polling question might be the first step in getting your online audience to start participating.  They might start by answering a poll, but they might get more involved on your site.  Who knows, they might even start adding comments to your blog posts.


What is a blog without the writing?  Come up with a plan for your blogging efforts.  Schedule your blog posts.  There are a number of different content sources available.  You don’t have to just write your blog with your own efforts.

  1. Write blog posts YOURSELF
  2. BUY Private label rights content
  3. Republish ARTICLES from article directories
  4. Use GUEST BLOGGERS on your site
  5. HIRE Freelance writers to create content

Your writing content is going to be valuable in a few different ways.  Content can help drive traffic.  Your content can also be leveraged when it comes to ads.  There are different types of advertising programs.  Contextual ads might search your written content to determine the kinds of ads that are displayed.  You might also use affiliate programs to leverage your written content.  Getting a solid foundation of content is essential for blogging.


Email is another important part of blogging.  Make your offers and ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter.  The people that land on your website are looking for information so offer it to them through a newsletter.  A newsletter can keep them informed of new information without them having to come to your website.  If they sign up for your newsletter, you don’t have to worry about them forgetting your website name.  They get top quality content delivered right to their email box.  You might give some brief summaries of the new content that you have or some of the great offers that have come to your attention.  Your newsletter is a quick way to keep your readers informed.

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