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Creating simple websites is quick and easy with blogger. The hardest part of getting setup is coming up with the name of your new blog. All you need is a google account and you can get started quickly with blogger.

Make a Blog with Blogger – Choose a web address

When you sign up with blogger, your blog will be located at the address You will need to search for available names for your blog web address. Try to keep it short and easy to remember.

You might want to take the extra step of getting your own domain name for your blog and adding it to your new blogger account. The process is not that hard to complete. Google gives provides the steps that you need to take to hook your new domain name up with your blogger account.

Make a Blog with Blogger – Changing the design template

One benefit of using a blog is that you don’t have to know a lot about html or coding. Blogs are setup with templates that are easy to change. You can make your site look different just by selecting a new blogger theme / template. Find the blogger template that you like and activate it for your account.

Free blogger templates can be found on the web but you might want to use the blog templates that are offered by blogger. Attempting to get into the coding details of the template is not for beginners. Blogger provides a number of different blog themes that you can choose from and customize.

Make a Blog with Blogger – Making your first blog post

Creating a blog post is really simple with blogger. There are a few basic parts of a blog post. The title is the headline that you want to appear at the top of your article. The blog body is where you place your content. This can be written text, audio podcasts, pictures and even videos. You can add all the information that you need in the body of your blog post.

Blog posts also provide a way for your readers to know the categories or topics that are explained. Keywords can be tagged with your blog post. So if you have a blog post that is dealing with affiliate marketing, you could create keyword tags that include affiliate marketing and any other tags that are relevant.

When you are done creating your blog post, you can hit the publish button and your blog post becomes live and view-able to the internet public. Once you get that first blog post out of the way, you will become more comfortable posting information on your blog. Blogs also provide a way to schedule your posts for publication at a date and time that you choose. This can be helpful. You can plan to have content released on your site in a more organized and structured manner.

Make a Blog with Blogger – The Blog Sidebar

Blogger makes it easy to add more information to your blog sidebar. The blog sidebar is a great place to share information that is easily seen by your readers. This information will appear all the time. Blog posts might roll off the front page of your blog but your sidebar will always be visible.

Blogger makes it easy to change what appears in your sidebar. Are you using google adsense? Blogger makes it easy to customize and insert google adsense into your blog sidebar. There are lots of widgets that you can quickly add from the google dashboard. Take some time to see all the different options available.

Make a Blog with Blogger – The Blog Header

The blog header is at the top of the screen. This is the first information that your readers will view when they land on your site. You have different options when it comes to a blog header. You can use the information that you supplied when you created the blog or you can create a graphic and display it as your header image.

A blog header graphic is one way to make your blog stand out from the rest of the blogger blogs. You can use your creativity to create a banner logo or you could outsource it to an online graphics artist. When you are inside blogger, you can find the area that allows for changing header information. This area will give you the requirements for the header graphic widths and heights. Use this information when creating your header graphics.

Make a Blog with Blogger – The simple online solution

Creating a blogger blog is quick and easy to do. You can get a blog online in just a few minutes with blogger. After you get it initially setup, you can start adding your information to blogger and have it live on the internet.

Blogs can be great websites that are packed full of good info. You can update them from just about anywhere with a web connection. There are no limits when it comes to blogging.

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