Mailing Lists – Ways to make money online

Do you have a mailing lists? The costs for setting up mailing lists is small.  You don’t really think about what your online money making business model will be.  Most people are getting online and immediately slapping up some google adsense ads.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it is only one financial strategy.

What is the person going to do when they come to your site?  They might read the article.  They might see the ads.  What happens if they don’t like the ads or the article?  They can do something that will hurt your online business, they can hit the back button and leave.  You do it all the time.  You visit a site and read it for a minute and then move on to something else.  How can you turn the tables?

The simple answer is mailing lists.  You don’t want your visitors to leave without entering some vital information.  You want to get them to give up their email address.  Why is an email address important?  You want to get more friends and you need to have a way to stay in contact with them.  Friends talk to each other all the time right?  So use your list to talk to your subscribers.

Mailing list software is not that expensive. Aweber and getresponse are two options.  You can be signed up and ready to go in a few minutes.  The hunt for online affiliate money through mailing lists is like building your own assets.  The list can keep growing and each time that you add a new subscriber, it opens the door for more chances to earn income.

You are going to need to get content for your mailing list.  The online affiliate money of your mailing list can be generated using private label rights content.  You can buy articles that you want to include in your mailings and include affiliate links.  It is a way to move your marketing behind the scenes.

I once read an article that talked about making money with a blog without places ads on the site.  It made me curious and that is when they revealed the use of mailing lists and marketing products and services through the mailings.  What if you grew a really large mailing list?  It could be the perfect place to supply your content and affiliate ads.

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