Local Internet Marketing – Blog SEO for the Local Target Market

Pick a local domain name and start your blogging options.  Blogs are just regular websites that can get things done fast.  Use quick installs to create a great looking blog and start adding content.

You can find lots of great information on how to setup blogs and how to use them to leverage the traffic that you create.  What are some of the ways that you can customize your blog?  You can get a creative blog header.  You want a good looking inexpensive blog header to make your blog look more professional.  You can find get a cheap blog header created on simple service sites like fiverr.

Local blogs can also be used for lead generation.  Get an email marketing program and create a sign up box for your new local blog.  Get your web visitors to sign up for your mailing list.  What can you think of to get them to give you their email address?  Free information is the start.  Create  a free ebook that is focused around your local blog topic.  What if you are not a great writer?  Use free content to help create an ebook that you can give away.  Where can you find this free content? It is called plr.  Get the content and revise it for your online purposes.

A local blog is a perfect place to explore your affiliate marketing options.  Getting approved with networks is not difficult.  It is just about providing solid content and information.  Think long and hard about how you want to setup your local niche blog.  Where are you going to get all of your content.  A blog can be run just like an online magazine.  Consider the headlines that you want.  Consider how you are going to get the content that your audience will want to read and consume.

Do videos for your local blog.  Don’t forget to include other forms of content on your local blog.  Give your local blog readers a chance to get the content in the form that they like.  Some people don’t have a problem reading a lot of information, but it is always good to have multiple formats.  Instead of reading a long post, the same content can be consumed by listening to a podcast or watching a short video.

Are you ready to take local internet marketing to the next level?

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