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Do you really need to build an email list? Have you heard the money’s in the list.  Or that the gold is in the list.  If you ahve been on the internet forums or on other internet marketing blogs you have probably heard a few of these comments.

One of the reasons that they say this is because a list is an asset.  With a list of people interested in your information it can mean that you can generate sales by sending emails with valuable product offers.  With a list you are not trying to hunt down people that might be interested in getting information.  They have already expressed an interest in something that you have already provided.  Maybe you had a really good ebook that you offered for free on your blog that covered a really interesting topic.  That topic got readers to join your list so it shows that the subject is worth subscribing to a list.

Now that you have people on your list you can build a relationship and provide high quality information and offers that your list will enjoy.  In any business one of the biggest costs (if not THE biggest cost) is acquiring new customers. A list means you can sell to the same people over and over again without it costing you anything extra.  Why sell once when you can sell to someone again and again?

The good news too is that once someone has bought from you it gets easier. They are far more likely to buy products in the future because they have a pre-existing relationship with you, and it’s possible to upsell them to far more expensive products – coaching programs, recurring income membership sites, etc.

Take a look at all the top internet marketers. In most cases the majority of their efforts is concentrated on building their list and selling to their subscriber base. The best ones have a good sales funnel that makes them money on autopilot. Imagine waking up in the morning to find all the sales you have made overnight through your autoresponder sequence. That’s what having a list gives you.

Get Your List Building Software Today

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