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Internet web marketing for traffic is a popular topic that is not going away. People are trying to find cheap or free ways to help get visitors to their blogs and sites.  One way that is talked about is using sites like yahoo answers.

Yahoo answers is an online place for people to ask questions and get answers.  You can sign up with the site easily.  They give points for different things that you do on the site.  You get a point for each day that you just show up to yahoo answers.

Asking questions on yahoo answers reduces the number of points you have while answering questions may potentially give you more points.  So how do you get traffic from yahoo answers?  This is where it gets kind of risky.  Some questions may fall right into your wheelhouse.  You probably know a lot about a lot of different subjects.  When you answer a question, you might be able to add a link to more information.  This is where some people can get into trouble.

Adding a link in your answer might be accepted or it could get your post deleted.  How can you get a post deleted or flagged?  If you try to use an affiliate link, the odds are that someone is going to throw the flag and get your post zapped.

Go to the yahoo answers site and browse the open questions.   Do you see anything that you could answer?  You can submit an answer to  a question and if you have the best answer you might get a few points for it.  There are lots of different categories to choose from.

There are lots of ways to generate web traffic for your blog.  Yahoo answers might be just one more way to help get people to come and view what you have to offer online.

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