Internet Marketing Tips – Pinterest for the Home Biz Owner

One thing that you can count on using the web is new websites.  People love to interact online and one new site that is really catching on is called pinterest.  Pinterest is all about sharing the stuff that you like.

What can be shared using pinterest?  You get a pinterest board where you can pin items that you like from around the web.  Pin images of the items.   Do you like starbucks coffee?  You might find a good image of starbucks and pin it to one of your boards.  You might also include a little description about the image that you are pinning.

People post all kinds of pins on their boards. Add a few pins with images of the foods that you like.  Do you like green smoothies?  Add them to your board.  You can do a search on the pinterest page to see what other people are posting.  You can also repin some of the images that you find.

Take a look at some of the products that I enjoy.

There are lots of social media sites, but don’t immediately shut down to the idea of using another site.  Start adding a few pins and before you know it, your board is filled up.  Some people even use their pinterest account to promote affiliate links.  Just pay attention to the rules and the terms of service.

Are you trying to drive traffic?  Pinterest is just one more chance to get that job done.   So now you have another site that you can spend a little time using online.  If you want to just take a break and enjoy a laugh or two, you might search pinterest for some of the memes.  These are funny images that people add clever comments to.

Even if you don’t want to jump into pinterest full time, you still want to educate yourself about one of the newer social media sites. All you have to do to know that pinterest is getting more popular is check the social media buttons that appear online.  More sites have that little red round p as an option.  Don’t let your home business website miss a chance to connect with the pinterest audience.

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