Internet Marketing Tips – Driving Your Own Internet Traffic USA, LLC

Are you tired of depending on the google search engine to get traffic? Maybe you have tried to rank your pages for the search engines with no luck. Even though your efforts might not be giving you the results that you are looking for, you might have to continue to posting content until your audience shows up.

Writing and posting quality information on your blog might not result in quick traffic coming to your site. Start taking the expectation that google is going to give you traffic off the table. Start using other means to help get traffic to your sites.

Social media does generate web traffic. Just think about all of those people that are posting status updates on twitter. Start plugging into some of the conversations and start adding your own little tid bits of info. Make sure to include links that direct traffic back to your sites and blogs. You don’t have to place a link in every post.

Take advantage of all the blogging that you are doing. Some of your blog posts might not be getting any love from the search engines. Take that content and promote it in different forms and start using some of the wordpress plugins to help give those old blog posts some new life.

Your blog posts can also get some new life by adding links in ebooks that you create. Your blog posts do have some value. After you have a few blog posts on similar topics, create your own ebooks that you can give away for free. Include links in your resources section that lead back to your sites.

What if you have a mailing list? Some of that blog content could easily be turned into content for your mailing list or ezine. You don’t have to rewrite completely new articles. You could link to those posts or compile the posts summaries into new chunks of content.

Take your content and give it new life in more formats. Turn your boring blog posts into audio podcasts that are entertaining. Make videos with your blog content. Keep looking for more ways that you can leverage your content. Don’t forget to look in your mailbox and while you are shopping. What are the other companies doing to get your attention? Offline marketing might also be a way to get more traffic to your sites without a search engine.

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