Internet Marketing Money

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  1. Internet Marketing Money – Google Adsense – It is the ad program that makes it easy.  All you have to do is copy and paste the ad code on your blog or site.   When your web visitors show up, they see the ads.   You don’t have to really focus on your google ads.  The google codes present the ads and all you have to do is create the good content that gets people to view your pages.
  2. Internet Marketing Money – Commission Junction – This is a affiliate marketing network.  They bring the vendors and the affiliates together in one location.  You have to get approved with each affiliate program.  The vendors provide you with affiliate links and banner graphics that you can place on your sites.
  3. Internet Marketing Money – Instant Commission Programs – There are some affiliate programs have instant commissions.  When you make internet sales, you can earn a commission.
  4. Internet Marketing Money – Email Marketing – People still open their emails.  Email marketing is more personal.  You have to work to get people to sign up for your list.  This might include creating a free ebook as a give away for joining up.  You also have to keep coming up with something for your list to read.  Take a look at plr / private label rights content and see how you can use it to help create your newsletter messages.
  5. Internet Marketing Money – Private Label Rights – You can use plr in lots of different ways.  Pay attention to the rules for using the plr.  Blogging and email newsletters are just two of the ways to leverage this content.  If you ever find yourself having problems coming up with content, you can turn to plr to help.  PLR is just like everything else, there are different levels of quality.  Some plr is really bad, but you might still be able to turn it into content that you can use online. How can you get this done?  You will need to rewrite the content to turn it into something that is usable.
  6. Internet Marketing Money – Audio – Make audio versions of your blog posts to expand your potential prospects.  Just think about all the people that listen to audio files.  They might be walking around with their smartphones or ipods.  Turn a long blog post into a podcast or a series of podcasts.  You might even want to save them on discs and turn the recordings into an information product.
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