Internet Marketing, List Building and PLR

Free internet marketing means you can focus your attention on your best areas.  If you like writing, you can write lots of free articles and post them online.  You can go in as many different directions as you like with writing.  Free classified ads and free article directories are both places that you can share your free information on the web.

free internet marketing might also include using blogs.  You can fire up a blog in about the time that it takes to get yourself a good hot cup of coffee in the morning.  Why are people going for the free internet marketing options?  That is an easy question to answer.  People might not have the money to invest in buying web traffic.  Why buy web traffic when you can get some traffic through free internet marketing.

You might not even want to use your free sites to place a lot of advertising.  There was a time when people might frown upon a blogger that had ads.  You might still turn off a lot of web visitors if you have too many ads.  One way that you could use a free blog and still get ahead is to use your blog for lead generation.  Instead of placing affiliate links directly on your blog, you might instead focus on list building.  This can be done by adding a sign up sheet on your blog.  You want to get people to join your newsletter or ezine.  List building is important for a lot of different reasons.  Grow your list and you might not worry too much about getting web traffic.  When people are on your list, you send a message and they get it.  You are not hoping that you get visitors coming to your site.

One item is going to be needed when it comes to your online internet marketing services.  Content is a really big deal online.  You can write lots of content on your own, but you might run into problems keeping up with blogging content demands.   You don’t have to run out of ideas for new articles.  You can even get a good head start on article creation by using plr articles.  PLR stands for private label rights.  There are writers that create content and sell it for a super low price.  They offer the content for a cheap price because they sell the same content over and over again.  So you might be able to pick up a plr article for a dollar or less.  Some writers even offer plr articles for free.  Plr articles can be your secret content formula for adding new blog and mailing list content.
plr articles

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