Internet Marketing – Clickbank for New Affiliate Marketers

One of the sites that new affiliate marketers can turn to is clickbank. They don’t have a brutal approval process like some of the cost per action companies. With clickbank, you get approved and you can immediately start testing your internet marketing skills.

Getting approved with an affiliate marketing company is a time to jump for joy, but it is also the time to put on your thinking cap. How are you going to drive traffic and how are you going to get sales? This is what most people don’t think about.

Searching through the clickbank marketplace for products to offer can take some time. Most new affiliates will immediately take a look at the gravity number. You should research the clickbank gravity number to see exactly what it means.

Grab the clickbank affiliate links for the products that you want to promote. Open up a notepad file or store them in a database. Why would you want to do this? You want to save this information about the products that you are promoting. It can help you save some time. What if you want to place the links in more than just one place? You don’t want to have to continue going back into clickbank all of the time to get those links.

Start putting on your thinking cap when it comes to marketing. If writing lots of content is not your bag, then see if you can learn how to promote with videos. Why videos? You might be able to tap into a larger market through video views.
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