Internet Marketing Biz – Affiliate Programs to checkout

What are you going to sell online in your internet marketing biz? You are going to need access to products to promote.

  1. Amazon AssociatesAmazon is the big dog online. They sell just about everything. There are upsides and downsides to
    promoting products through amazon. The upside is that they have a huge inventory. They make it easy
    to create affiliate links and they have lots of different banners. The downside of amazon is the
    long payout period and the constantly changing commission structure. It seems like they are constantly moving the commissions in one direction ( DOWN ) and eliminating categories of products that you can earn a commission. If you want to promote physical products, amazon is still the big player on the block.
  2. Commission JunctionIf you are looking for products to promote, commission junction has you covered. Getting approved to get into the network is not that difficult. Set up your website or blog and make sure that you have some content. Commission junction is an affiliate network. They are constantly adding and removing affiliate programs. You have to apply to the different programs within the commission junction website. They are not all going to approve your application. Just be ready to deal with a little rejection every now and then. They have lots of programs and some will approve you really quickly.
  3. LinkShareAnother affiliate network to join. You might see some vendors move from one network to another. Make sure to put linkshare into your affiliate options. They have lots of banner and text links. They also have some cost per action ads.
  4. ShareasaleReally simple interface to use. Shareasale has lots of offers available. They have a grid that shows lots of information. They even show some of the programs that have an automatic approval. Shareasale has some pay per lead and pay per sale offers.
  5. ClickbankWho is trying to do affiliate marketing without using clickbank? This is like the first step in the affiliate marketing game. Sign up and you are in. Get your affiliate link and you can start promoting offers. Digital products are the name of the game with clickbank. Some offers have banners and joint venture pages and others just supply you with the long clickbank affiliate link. Search the clickbank marketplace to see the different offers. Do you understand clickbank gravity? Don’t worry a lot of people still don’t know what it is. Find the links that you want to promote and get started.
  6. JVZooAnother new player in the affiliate marketing space is jvzoo. JVZoo is a good marketplace. You can see lots of offers around the internet marketing space. JVZoo makes you jump through the hoops when it comes to getting offers. You have to apply to each program. Some might reject you. Some vendors might be members of the internet marketing forum called the warrior forum. If you are jumping into the internet marketing arena, give jvzoo a try.

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