Internet Marketing

Marketing on the internet.  When you think of marketing, what do you think about?  Junk mail when you go to the mail box?  Do you think about all the television commercials that interrupt your favorite tv show?  What about the phone calls that you get when you are trying to eat your dinner?

Companies are tyring to find a way to get you as a customer.  They try all kinds of ways to get your attention.  With more people getting access to computers its only natural that this is a new arena for marketing.

The internet opens new ways for companies to get into contact with you.  So instead of a physical letter showing up in your mailbox you might receive an email online.  Or you might come across a website that has a newsletter that you can sign up for or you might watch a video with a url that you can click to visit.  Internet marketing is exposing you to new ideas and messages online.

Internet Marketing Tools

Email and List Building Software