Internet Jobs – Leverage Your Computer Skills for Online Work

Take the skills that you have and find a place to use them online. You can write. Start a blog. You can type, write your own ebook and sell it or give it away with affiliate resources in the back.

There are plenty of companies that are not online yet. Make it your business to help them get over the hurdle. They are going to need a lot of services to get started. Web hosting, domain names, wordpress themes and even web content.

Are you good at coming up with content? Sit at your computer and brainstorm article ideas. Open up your own wordpress blog and start creating drafts. Spend an hour just coming up with blog titles and headlines. Get creative and really go for it.

Spend a day just writing content on the article topics that you created earlier. You could do keyword research with the google free keyword tool. After your updating your initial drafts, go back and read through your content to make sure that you don’t have any mistakes.

How many articles have you completed? If you have 10 articles, you could post them all at one time or you could schedule them to be released on your blog over time. Now think about expanding the reach of your new content.

Sign up for accounts at the top article directories. Wait a few days and post your articles there. Article directories are getting tougher to get your articles approved, so it might take a few extra days. When they get accepted, you have a wider potential audience for targeted traffic back to your site.

Take all the headlines from your new articles and start posting them to your social media accounts. You don’t have to do it all at once. Just add a tweet or two for each article title with a link back to your blog.

Are you camera shy? Make a quick video using your articles. Fire up a powerpoint presentation and record the screen as you talk through the slides. People love to watch videos and there is nothing wrong with capitalizing on this fact.

Save your document as a pdf and now you have a document that you can place on document sharing sites. Make sure to include links back to your blog in the header or footer area.

Start leveraging your computer skills for online work. You know how to do a lot of things online, start using it for your own small internet jobs. Once you have done it a few times, you could offer these services to other business owners.

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