Internet Jobs – Become a Web Developer

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  1. Decide to become a web developer
  2. Start reading books on web development
  3. Learn html
  4. learn php
  5. Learn about programming in general
  6. Learn about object oriented programming
  7. Learn about web design
  8. Learn about databases
  9. Learn about wordpress
  10. Learn about joomla
  11. Learn about microsoft products
  12. Start setting up simple web pages in html
  13. Launch small web projects
  14. Start getting domain names
  15. Get your own web hosting account
  16. Start watching videos on web development
  17. Start reading online forums on internet marketing
  18. Start finding people that need a website built

Don’t forget about mobile web development

More people are starting to connect to the web using mobile devices.

Some people just want a basic website that allows them to get online and promote themselves and their business.

Learn about the template solutions that can help get the job done quickly. Learn about the content management systems like joomla and wordpress. These tools make it easy for non tech people to maintain a website. With wordpress, the end user can log in and make changes. Basic websites can be created using this software.


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