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Are you using the internet?  Yes.  You have to make the change from just being a consumer of information to being a producer.  Creating an Internet Business should be a topic that you research.

You can use the Online Forums to gain even more information on your chosen topic area.  Forums are the online information stores where people talk about a niche.  You might want to learn new info on the internet marketing niche.  Go to the warrior internet marketing forum.  They have lots of different forum threads and warrior special offers that can help guide you forward.

The internet is filled with information and social media is a great way to stay connected.  Social Media Updates are done with status updates.  People take pictures and write text about what is going on with them.  What does this have to do with starting an internet business?  This might be one of the sources of your internet traffic.  Web traffic is important to online business.  Social media traffic is one potential traffic stream that you can use.

Take a look at the big social media applications and start learning how to use them for business.  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest are some of the top social media sites.  People join these types of sites to connect with friends and share information.  Businesses are also starting to use these sites because they have the chance to drive massive internet traffic.  Learn about the different social media advertising programs.

We are living in the information age and the blog is a simple way to share online.  Take your writing talents and use them online through Blogging.  Learn the simple blogging programs like wordpress or blogger to create simple sites that are packed with high quality information.  Content for blogs can come in different formats.  Writing blog articles is the norm, but some bloggers like to communicate through video, images or audio files.

There is supply and demand for good writing on the web.  You can find the side that you want to use for your online business.  Writing PLR ( private label rights) can be an outlet for your writing talents.  Writing content one time and then selling it over and over again might sound like the right type of business for you.  The flip side is to plr articles to help build your online business.  You might find good plr sources that provide content that helps you build mailing lists or sell affiliate products.  If you have really good writing skills, you can write plr articles.


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