Internet Affiliate Marketing

Are you a people person?  Some people are great at bringing people together.  You might have heard the word matchmaker.  Some people have the ability to see how good relationships can be formed between the right parties.   In the online world, people make money through what is called affiliate marketing.

What is internet affiliate marketing?

The internet is a global information source.  People are looking for information at all times of the day.  They are searching for products and services.  Companies have products to sell and customers are looking for products to buy.  The process of bringing sellers and buyers together can be tough for some companies.  Affiliate marketing on the internet can help solve this tough issue.

What are affiliate marketing networks?

You can think of the affiliate marketing network like your local super market.  Super markets go through the trouble of finding all the different kinds of products and putting them on the shelves for the customer that walks through the door to buy.   Could you image how hard it would be for a regular person on the street to get all the different items they need during the week without a super market?  Think about all the different items from vegetables to detergent and much more.   The super market brings in all the items and provides one location to buy.  This is essentially what an affiliate network does.  The affiliate network brings in all the vendors that have products and services that they want to offer.  They also bring in lots of affiliates that can promote those offers.

Why would companies sell products through affiliate networks?

The answer to this one is really simple.  A business wants to make more sales.  Affiliate networks can help a business get more sales.  Companies have lots of ways of marketing their products.  They might run television ads or run ads in print.  With affiliate marketing, they can buy new customers.  When the sales are made, they can pay a commission and they have a new customer that they might sell to again and again in the future.

How do affiliates promote products?

Affiliates have lots of different ways of promoting products.   They might write articles, make online videos or use promotional banners on their websites.  Affiliates can be really creative in coming up with ways to generate sales.  Some affiliates might also have a large mailing list of readers and subscribers.

How can I get started with internet affiliate marketing?

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