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One of the subjects that gets tossed around online is how to make money without a website.  This is a good one because there are lots of people that don’t want to spend a lot of money to get started with affiliate marketing.  They might not even want to drop some money for buying a domain name.  One way that someone could get into the affiliate marketing game without having a website is to  Create a slideshow.

The slideshow is just like a regular document.  Instead of writing a big amount of text, a person could just cover the main topics and include links to the affiliate program.  I think in the past, you could write articles and have links to affiliate programs, but I think that is pretty much over.

There are probably some other easy ways to market online without having your own website. The popular way of getting online now is blogging.  The question that everyone is asking these days is Do you have a Tumblr? Tumblr is the latest of the micro blogging sites that is getting all the attention.  It is really easy to use and people love it.  Yahoo bought tumblr a while ago, so it will be interesting to see if people still want to use it.

What if you don’t want to build a big site with a lot of content?  There is an answer to that and they are called Simple Mini Sites. Targeting a site on a real tight niche with focused content is the idea behind a mini site.  Instead of having a big site that covers a lot of different topics a niche mini site stays on message.

When you think about internet marketing, the picture that pops into your head is probably a young person sitting alone at their computer hammering away at a keyboard.  This is probably true in a lot of instances, but some people choose to work together to get things done.  Joint Ventures is like the music industry when they bring together two big stars for special songs.  It is the best of both worlds kind of deal.  You might have a product, but not a big audience or you might have a big audience and you want to bring your big audience together with another big audience.  It is similar to a big merger between two top cell phone companies without a lot of people getting laid off.

There are so many changes that are going on that you have to be concerned about when in business.  Do you remember all the bookstores in the past?  Now digital is taking over everything.  When it comes to your internet marketing ideas, you should really think hard about getting your own Amazon Kindle Books. The amazon kindle e reader makes it easy for people to read without having to lug around a lot of physical books.  Some of the books on the amazon kindle have a low price point and this could be an added income stream for your business.  People can also read these kindle ebooks on their computers.  Don’t miss this changing way that people are consuming content.

Web development does not have to be difficult.  We talked about tumblr a little bit earlier, but there is a big daddy when it comes to making websites these days and it is called wordpress.  Learning WordPress should be one of the first things that you do.  It allows you to create sites really fast and it opens the door for more people to participate in creating sites without having to pay through the nose to web developers.  It can also be another income stream if you are into design.  WordPress themes and wordpress plugins take wordpress the extra mile.  If you are a good designer, you could sell your designs to a large world wide wordpress community.

Some people don’t even want to make a website. They might just want to create a page that sells. You could think about it in terms of the regular newspaper of old.  Those full page ads would have lots of information and copy that finished with a call to action.  That is basic view when  Creating a squeeze page. It presents detailed written or video and copy that provides a call to action to get the prospects to do something. The something might be immediately buying a product or it could getting them to join a list.  After getting the squeeze page setup, it would be time to start driving traffic.

All traffic is not the same. Targeted traffic that wants what you have to offer is what you want. There are lots of free methods for getting traffic, but when you want to get immediate traffic and results, people turn to using adwords. Paying for traffic might not be the first thing that people try.  Writing lots of articles and using videos might be a few of the first free steps to getting traffic.  The reason that people turn to paid traffic is because it allows them to drastically scale up their campaigns.

One way to get in on the mobile marketing craze is to leverage qr codes. You have probably encountered those funny looking little squares on websites, in print and while walking around.  It is just another use of scanning bar codes.  Just like when you go to the supermarket to buy some food, qr codes are taking scanning to another level.  Now, people can scan a bar code and get delivered to a website to get more information.

One of the benefits of using computers is to automate things.  You knew it would not take long for someone to figure out how to automate blogging.  The concept of auto blogging was to be a hands off way of adding new content to a site.  Blogs are all about sharing and rss feeds can accomplish this.  Pulling information into a site might seem like a bad idea, but it can work.  Just think about it like the newspapers or the tv channels.  Sometimes they run the same types of stories.  Auto blogs are just like that.

Don’t think that an internet business is not a real business.  One of the most important parts of a business is the customer list.  Why is a customer list important?  It is important because you don’t want to lose contact.  What happens if your customer doesn’t buy the first thing that you offer?  It would help to have a way to continue to offer new products right?  This is where list building comes into play.  You can find software to help control and manage your list.  Growing a large list creates a big opportunity.  Not only can you promote internal offers and services to your list, but you could also offer affiliate links.

The focus of business is always on generating leads. Customers will come and go, but a business has to keep filling the pipeline with new customers to stay afloat.  This is why the big hamburger companies are still running those commercials during the football games.  They are trying to land new customers.  Your internet business needs to do the same thing.  Find new customers through lead generation.

Getting people to visit your sites can be done through a number of different means.  They could click on a text link or they might type in the name of your website directly into a web browser.  Another method of getting people to your sites is by creating banners. Banner ads might be placed in the sidebar, header or footer of a website.

One topic that we have not covered is content.  This is essential online.  People are looking for all kinds of information.  Everybody that creates a website or a blog is not going to be a great writer, but there is hope for people that still want to do it online.  They can use the skills and talents of other good writers.  The real secret is using private label short cuts.

You pay money to get access to content that you can use and stick your name on it. This allows you to get the content you need for your sites. This becomes really important when you have real online content needs. What happens when you have lots of sites and there are just not enough hours in the day for you to create all the content that you need? It is time to start getting content from good quality content sources.

So if you get some good plr, you should think about coming up with good headlines. Your job is get reader attention. Think about the movies for just a minute. Did you remember that movie with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez called Gigli? They really messed that movie title up. You don’t want to do that with your articles and that is why making good headlines should be a priority.

You might have great content stuck behind a really bad headline. You are destroying your chances when you keep dumb headlines. Spruce them up like those magazine headlines that you see at the checkout counter.

Don’t forget about how things are changing with technology. The internet is in the palms of your prospects hands. Now everyone has a smartphone and your sites need to be able to handle this kind of traffic. If your site does not show up properly, you could lose them to another mobile website that does work.

Keyword research is harder now that google decided to do away with the free google keyword tool. I really wonder why they did that. Think long and hard about how you link. You might think that everybody uses the same kinds of keywords to get information, but don’t forget about the off the wall keywords. Have you ever typed in a misspelling when you are looking for something? Those keywords might still deliver some traffic. It seems off the wall, but you have to try other methods that everybody else is ignoring.

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