How to use articles for traffic

The need for traffic never goes away.  You don’t just want traffic, you want targeted traffic.  Does it really bother you when you check your clickbank accounts and see that you don’t have any new hops or clicks?  I know that it bothers me.  I want more people clicking on my affiliate links.

Leverage articles for traffic.  The article advantage is the long lasting chance to get  new traffic.  Writing can stay around for a long time.  You just don’t want to wait forever to get the traffic that you are looking for.  The name of the game is free web traffic.  Everybody wants some.  Don’t you want some?  The free marketing schemes are not really free when you really think about it.  You are putting in a lot of work to generate the traffic.  The articles have to be written and you have two choices.  You can bang those articles out without spending a lot of time crafting them, or you can spend the time to really do some research and carefully put together an article that provides some real value.

You really don’t know which types of articles are going to deliver the traffic.  You have to just try your hand at writing.  The thought of using articles as a marketing tool is not new.  The other point that you have to consider is the amount of competition.  Everybody can create articles these days.  It seems like you are in competition like all those zombies in the movie world war z with brad pitt.  They just keep seeming to multiply and that is what is going on in the internet world.  Articles can be created quickly and posted.  This means that your articles have to find a way to cut through all those other articles to have a chance at traffic.

Use your typing skills.  It helps if you have some good typing skills.  Those days of using mavis beacon teaches typing can finally come in handy.  You don’t want to be one of those people that type with one or two fingers at a time.  To really get your thoughts flushed into the article, you need to be hitting those keys like a skilled tap dancer.  You want the keys to sound like tony montana at the end of the epic movie scarface.

Come up with headlines.  Your articles could be great, but you need to wrap them with the right headline.  Boring headlines will get your content ignored online.  Start making your headlines get busy like Miley Cyrus jumpstarted her career by twerking with Robin Thick.  Your articles are going to need to get some attention to have a chance to stick.  Did anybody know who Taylor Swift was before Kayne West jumped on stage and snatched the mic?  Now everybody knows her.  What can you do to get your articles that kind of attention in the online world of article directories?

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