How to use ads on your site Web Hosting $6.95

There are lots of programs that you can join to earn money with your site. You want to have different ways to earn income online. A basic site with a lot of good content is what most people are searching for. Getting the traffic to your site is just the start.

What happens when people land on your site? You have choices. Are you going to focus on banner ads or text ads. Banner ads are in your face. They come in different sizes and you can place them in the website header, sidebar and maybe even inside the body of your content.

Banner ads can help break up some of the text that you have on your site. It is easy to go overboard with banner ads. If you want to get more ads in your site, you can use the smaller box sized 125×125 ads. This way you can offer your visitors more options for products and services.

Text ads can blend in with your site better. If you want your ads to fly below the radar, then text link ads are probably your best bet. Advertising might turn some people off. Text ads look just like everything else on the site and if you have the right keyword anchor text those links might get clicked more often.

Banner ads might require you to remember more information. What happens if the affiliate program shuts down or they require you to pull those ads down? You need to know where those ads are located. This can get tough if you are running a lot of ads in a lot of locations online. Contextual text link ads are less of a headache. You install the code one time and the ads change over time. You don’t have to mess with them at all. Contextual ad programs include google adsense, kontera, chitika, and infolinks. There are many more that you can choose from. Some contextual ad programs will just highlight some of your keywords and turn them into links. This can keep the basic flow of your site in text.

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