How to start your offline marketing business

  1. Make the decision to get started.  The business won’t get started until to make the decision to do it.  You can write it down on paper, but you have to start taking the steps to turn your idea of a business into something real.
  2. Start Getting Customers and Clients.  Start the hunt for your clients.  They make your business.  A business without clients or customers will not be a business for long.  Find the people that need and want what you have to sell.
  3. Create your business.  Take the steps to make your business real.  Get your license if you need one.  Get your accounts setup and be ready to keep your records.  Learn how to use a simple accounting software package to keep everything in order.
  4. Get Your Business Cards  Business cards are old school, but they can be helpful.  Be ready to hand your business cards to prospects and clients.  Basic contact information and your website lets the prospects know how to get in contact with you.
  5. Build Your Own Website and Blog  Make sure that you have a good looking website. People can run to the web in an instant these days and you want your biz to show up well.  Use wordpress or a simple web design to create a good looking page.  Don’t forget to think about all the people that connect to the web with mobile devices.
  6. Start Building Your Mailing List  Add a mailing list to your online sites and blogs.  Capture your prospects name and email address and give them some free information in return.  Think long term and start using email marketing to build a long term relationship with your prospects.  Leverage your email marketing to turn them into paying clients.
  7. Come up with Your Offer  What are you going to sell?  How are you going to make the offer?  Make sure you have this nailed down.  You might try different sales approaches to see which selling method is more effective.  Test and make changes.
  8. Start Making Contacts  Get in contact with your prospects.  You have some exciting products and services that can improve their business.  Pick up the phone.  Send emails.  Meet for coffee.  Make more contacts.
  9. Deal with Rejection  They don’t want what you are selling.  They might have a bad attitude.  They flat tell you no.  Rejection is a part of business.  Just keep it moving and find the people that want what you have to offer.
  10. Be Confident  Are you afraid to sell? Are you afraid to ask for the business?  Start to build your confidence.  Learn your information and express yourself.

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