How to setup a web hosting account

There are still a lot of people that don’t know how to do basic tech stuff.  Learning how to setup a web hosting account is really easy.  You just need to know the right places to get it done.

Hostgator web hosting is really cheap and are really newbie friendly.  You can even get started with just 1 penny.  A domain name and a few pieces of information are all that is needed.

The first step is getting a cheap domain name.  You don’t want to pay full prices for website addresses.  It really helps to know where to look.  There are lots of people that are buying a web address that don’t know the inside details.

The domain name companies will let you pay the retail price if you let them.  Find a coupon code.  Before you complete the domain name purchase, enter the coupon code to save the money.

You can find the codes by searching on a search engine.  You might have to right down a few different codes before you find one that works.  Make a list of the sites where you find codes that work.  They can be handy when you need to get promo codes at domain renewal time.

Go to hostgator and get ready to get your account.  Enter this promo code to save money.  getwebhosting

Now you are ready to get started with your online journey.

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