How to setup a blogging plan

The blog is done when it comes to the design. You have picked out the right look and feel and now it is time to consider how to keep your new blog filled with content for the year.

Setup your blogging plan

  1. How many times a week are you going to post content?
  2. Keep asking the questions that your audience will want to learn about
  3. Create a map for your year’s worth of content
  4. Find the evergreen topics that matter in your niche
  5. Start using keyword research to come up with article titles
  6. Make a list of blog topics
  7. Create a category list for your blog
  8. Start lining up content for your blog
  9. Take pictures and buy pictures for your blog posts
  10. Find videos and make videos for your blog
  11. Use PLR Articles for your blog niche
  12. Get guest bloggers for your site
  13. Use article directory articles
  14. Outline Your Articles before writing them
  15. Check current events related to your blog niche
  16. Review products related to your blog topic
  17. Review good videos that you find online
  18. Write articles about the process of blogging
  19. Hire freelance writers to create content
  20. Do interviews for content
  21. Don’t think of your blog as a blog, but as a magazine
  22. Use free time to write short blog posts for your site
  23. Ask your readers about future topics and add them to the article list
  24. Check the internet forums for common questions and answer them with your blog posts
  25. Post your own questions on forums.  Turn your questions into blog posts.
  26. Research answers to questions and create blog posts.
  27. Create blogging goals for your site
  28. Create a minimum number of hours for your blog management
  29. Blog Training – Educate Yourself about the Blogging System that you are using
  30. Watch video tips on your blogging system
  31. Create lists of all the tasks you have for maintaining your blog
  32. Look for places to outsource blog tasks
  33. Are you using a business plan for your blog?
  34. Do you think you will want to sell your blog in the future? Start planning for it early.
  35. Do you have a mailing list?
  36. Should you create a newsletter?  How and where can you get content for it?
  37. Are there hidden golden nuggets sitting in your email account right now? ( Hint )
  38. Did you have problems installing your blog?  ( There might be a blog post there )
  39. Write posts about some of the problems you have experienced with blogging.
  40. Are you having a hard time setting up a blogging plan?  There might be a blog post there.

These are just a few ideas that can help you put a blogging plan together.

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