How to rack up big points on Squidoo

Are you using squidoo? If you are not then you are missing out on a great place to post content. Squidoo is free to use and they allow for limited affiliate marketing. You can create articles and post them on the squidoo site. On squidoo, the pages are called lenses. It is a little quirk that they have when it comes to terms but you will adapt quick. Think about starbucks and the coffee labels. Same thing with squidoo.

One of the differences between squidoo and the article directories is the point system. Squidoo uses points and membership levels. The more points you get the higher your squidoo levels. The more that you use the site, the more squidoo stuff you get access to. So doing simple stuff like signing into the site everyday will get you some points.

How do you rack up big points on squidoo? There are lots of ways to get points, but for me, the best way to get points is to do the quizzes. People post some interesting quiz questions on squidoo pages. You can just test your knowledge on a subject and get rewarded for answering a lot of questions. I think I did the one on the tv show called the big bang theory. I did another one on bruce lee. They are interesting and you learn something in the process.

Another way to get points is to do the squidoo quests. The squidoo team might ask you to take a look a at a lens or even to create a lens around a topic. They award some good points for those quests and they normally don’t take long to complete.

Get more squidoo points by just creating a new squidoo page. Add your content to the page through the squidoo wizard or add the different squidoo modules. You can easily promote products from amazon and ebay with squidoo.

Racking up points is not hard with squidoo. You can just follow some of the outlined steps and you should be going up in the squidoo levels. What do you get for higher squidoo levels? They unlock more stuff on squidoo like different templates and more.

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