How to promote affiliate offers

The concept is straight forward. Sign up for affiliate programs and ofer products and services to your online audience. Are you getting a lot of web traffic? This could be the perfect wayt o start earning income with your site.

Web traffic is the essential factor

Without web traffic affiliate marketing does work at all. You need to have someone coming to your site in order for a chance to get them to take an offer. Without the traffic you are just wasting your time. Getting free web traffic is time consuming. Writing a lot of articles and posting them online is one free way to get traffic, you just don’t know how long it will take for the traffic to show up. If you are running a cost per action offer this can be a problem. The problem comes in when the offer that you are promoting ends. You spend time getting the traffic and then the offer goes away. Sometimes the network will switch the expired cpa offer to a similar offer. But if they don’t then you are out of luck and the person that clicked on your link might end up on a webpage that is no longer active. If you are not promoting cost per action offers, this might not be a big problem for you. If you have affiliate offers for products that don’t usually go out of style like say web hosting then you don’t have much to worry about.

Affiliate Marketing without a website

When you think of affiliate marketing, you immediately think of your blog or your website and placing ads in the header, sidebar or footer. But there are ways to do affiliate marketing without having a website. One way to go after affiliate commissions without a website is to buy a domain name and forward it to your affiliate link. You might have located a great affiliate offer that is really timely for the current conditions that people are facing around high gas prices. So you could grab the affiliate link and then go buy a domain name for it. Getting a domain name and setting up domain forwarding is really simple to do. Gas prices are getting high and people might be interested in venting their thoughts about it. You could buy a domain related to gas prices and forward your link. People at this point are going to be interested in the topic and they may be interested in gas cards, surveys and just sharing what they think about the topic. When people click on your web address they would be taken to your offer. Some people don’t even purchase a domain name to forward an affiliate link. There are domain name shortening services like that will take your long affiliate link and turn it into something shorter and easier to read. So an ugly long affiliate link from clickbank
( ) might turn into ( ).

Affiliate Marketing with a mailing list

Building an email list might be something that you are considering doing. When you create a mailing list, you are creating a long term relationship with your readers. One advantage of a mailing list is that once you get people on the list, you don’t have to be concerned about getting web traffic. You have a direct line of communication with readers that are interested in your topic. This is called targeted traffic. This is what you really want. Getting people on a mailing list might be done by offering something for free for them to join the list. This could be a free simple ebook that is on your niche. After they sign up for the list and they get your free ebook, then it is up to you to keep the conversation going. Your mailing list is a trusted information source and in addition to get topics and content, you might decide to add a few affiliate offers into the mix. Just think about being able to send a message directly to an audience that is really concerned about the topic that you are covering. That is completely different from posting a post on your blog. You have no clue about when or if someone is going to check out your blog post. You don’t know if the search engines are going to send your site traffic to your new blog post. But when you have a mailing list, you know that those messages are ending up in a subscribers mailbox and that they do care about the topic. Get list building tips and get started with your own mailing list for $1.

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