How to Prepare Your Online Content like the NFL Prepares New Players with the NFL Combine

Before players hit the big time, they get started at the combine.  The high profile players get to show their stuff with different exercises and challenges.   They see how fast a player can run and jump.  It is all about the drills.

The business world is a little bit different.  What is going to be your combine?  There are some kinds of jobs that require you to jump through hoops like the combine.  Going to college for a degree is one.  You have to take standardized tests and have good grades to get into a top notch college.

The funny thing is that there are other routes to getting into the game.  The nfl has the combine, but there are still players that make it without getting drafted.  There are lots of players that play college football, but all of them don’t get drafted.

There are only so many professional football teams.  The business world is different because the doors are wide open for you get in.  You don’t have to wait to start a business.  You can come up with an idea today and get the ball moving on your business venture.

The combine is great for recording data about a player.  The data can help be a predictor, but relying on the data alone might make you miss the mark.  There are some players that perform really well during the combine, but on game day they don’t show up.  Sometimes teams select players because a great combine performance, but once training camp comes around, they don’t perform well.

You might perform well on a standardized test, but still flunk out of  school.  You might get great grades in high school or college and still struggle to find a job after graduation.  Combines and tests are just some stop signs.  Eventually, you have to get started and get something done.  In the end, it comes down to actual performance.


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