How to make money online by giving stuff away

How can you make money online by giving stuff away? It sounds crazy right. There are companies online that want to build lists. They might pay you money for getting people to accept online offers for stuff that they want.

It is called affiliate marketing but it is a special brand of marketing. Cost per action marketing is the easy way to earn income online. You might have a blog or a website that contains the cpa offer. When people submit an email address or supply a zipcode, you can earn a commission. CPA offers have strict details that you must follow in order to get paid.

Promoting cpa offers is just one way that you can earn money online.  I was reading an article the other day on the John Chow Blog.  It talked about giving stuff away and the weird reasons and actions behind it.  There is some funny stuff that happens when you get something for free.  It almost compels you to give something in return.

I always knew that there had to be a good reason for Costco to have those people giving away samples of food.  You think you are getting free food, but you are really driving new sales.  Other people are looking at you eating.  You are smelling the food cooking.  Everybody is not going to buy, but you are getting something for free and you probably increase the chance of adding that product into your shopping cart.

I picked up this book called Influence. I got it super cheap, but have not finished reading it yet.  It just goes to show that there is a lot more going on with marketing.  Have you spotted instances of giving stuff away?  Don’t forget about the free trial programs.  Netflix lets you try the service for a month.  They know that once you get hooked on the service, you won’t let it go.

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