How to get started with commission junction –

One of the ways to earn income with a website or a blog is to offer products and services. If you don’t have your own products and services to offer your visitors, there is still a way to do it. You can join affiliate networks that already have products and services available. Just follow the basic steps to move forward.

set up your website or blog

Make sure that your website or blog is ready and complete. You don’t want to let people see a site that is not completed. Before you apply to a network, you want your site in good working order. When you put in an application, the affiliate network will want to take a look at your site. Just keep it clean and simple.

apply for an account with

Visit the website and apply to become a publisher. There are different fields that you will need to fill out and submit. They might ask you to describe your type of site and the target audience. Enter the information and wait to get a decision. Getting an approval for joining the network is just the first step. You will need to fill out other financial information.

apply to different vendors on

Getting approval from the network lets you into the front door. You can think of an affiliate network like an online version of a shopping mall. There are different stores within the mall. With, you have to apply to each program separately. You can search the different vendors that are available and apply with just a button click. When you are approved with a vendor, you get access to their links.

pick offers to place on your site

The dashboard has a lot of information. The information about the vendors and the offers are displayed. You can click the get links tab and the by relationship menu item to see the offers from your approved vendors. The grid of information that is returned contains a lot of data.

The grid is a spreadsheet that has columns just like what you would see in a microsoft excel file. The advertiser column shows the vendor name. Click the links labeled view links to see the text links and banner ads for the advertiser. The different affiliate links will be returned on a new page. offers text links and banner ads plus more

The affiliate offer details are displayed. You can find the performance data, sales commission amounts and actual links to the offers. You can also click the headings of the grid to sort the results. Click the get html or get javascript links to get to the affiliate link detail page.

copy and paste ad codes into your blog or website

Now it is time to use the copy and paste to get the affiliate code. Make sure to copy the code completely. You might want to open a notepad file and paste the code there first just for safe keeping. Open your website or blog and find the place that you want to put the code. The blog sidebar is a popular place for putting ads. Paste the code into the site and save the changes.

check your site to make sure everything is working

The final step is to pull up the site in your web browser. Do you see the ad on your site? This lets you know that the code is working properly. Adding text links and banners to a website or blog is super easy.

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