How to Built Website

How to built Website

Who needs a website anyway? Think about all the different businesses that are not online. Your job could be to help these businesses that are trapped in the stone age to get their business online. They might want to built a website, but they just don’t know the right steps to take.

There are some basics that you could provide in the form of hand holding. What are some of the basic steps to getting online? Start with the domain name. They are going to need to do a domain name search. The first searches for domain names will probably be the exact name of the business. This can be accomplished quickly with a website like domaintyper dot com. Just start typing the search terms and you can see what is available. Getting a domain name can run under 20 dollars with the right promo codes.

Get the web hosting account setup. There are probably going to be a lot of new business owners that have no clue when it comes to web hosting. Web hosting is just like an online file storage cabinet. This is the location well all of the content of the website is stored. Web hosting is not expensive. Some web hosting companies will even help you get a domain name when you sign up for service.

After the web hosting is setup, the next step is deciding on the building of the site. There are many different ways to built websites. HTML hand coding is probably out of the reach of many business owners. There are lots of website templates that are simple to enter regular information and publish to your web hosting account. Blogging software is becoming the popular way to build websites these days.

Choosing a content management system or blogging system can be the fast way to get a website built. You don’t have to know a lot of details and the end product is respectable. WordPress is a top blogging system and it is really easy to learn the basics. If you wanted to build a website fast, wordpress would be hard to beat. Check with the web hosting provider before you buy and ask to see if they offer wordpress quick installs. WordPress quick installs can get a site setup in just a few seconds.

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