How to add Google Adsense for Your Blog

Blogging is fun and all but don’t you want to make your blogging count for something. Google adsense is a way to make money with your site. If you love creating content for your blog, take it to the next step and add google adsense to the mix.

Setting up google adsense for your site is really simple. Just get an account and create the ads for your blog. You can create different kinds of ads for your blog. Take a good look at your blog design. Think about good places to ad google adsense.

The top of your blog is where people will look when the land on your site. People read from left to right, so you want to take that into consideration when deciding where to put ads. Some themes and blog designs have places already set aside for you to input ad code. This can keep it really simple for you.

Make sure to keep the google ad colors similar to your blog colors. Blending your ads is a good idea. Google ads can be text or graphical. You have to consider how you want your site to look.

Adsense has more than one way for you to earn income. You could also include a google adsense search box on your blog. Your web visitors might want to look for specific information on your site and a search box from google could be a good idea.

Adsense ads can be a passive income stream for your blog. Get the code installed one time and then continue to write interesting evergreen articles that grab traffic year after year. Evergreen topics don’t go out of style. One way to make sure that your articles are evergreen is not pick timeless subjects. The other is to not include dates in your content.

There are lots of blogs online that are looking for ways to make money. Google adsense could be a potential ad program that can earn you money. The great thing about using google ads is that you can install them once and not really have to touch them anymore. With other affiliate programs, you might have products or programs that expire. With google adsense, you just set it up and get back to blogging.

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