How to add Chitika to your blog

Google adsense is the big dog when it comes to contextual advertising.  What are contextual ads?  They are the ads that show up on your site based on the content.  This is really a simple way to provide the best ads for your content.  Affiliate programs can have offers expire, but with contextual ads all you care about is driving traffic.

So what are the google adsense alternatives?  Chitika is another option for your blog advertising.  You don’t have to dump google adsense.  You can just add another option with chitika.

It is super easy to add chitika to your blog.  The first step is getting signed up, click the link to get started.


After you get your new chitika account, you want to go ahead and log into the system.


Take a look at the different chitika ad types and customize the ad to fit your blog. You can change the colors to make them blend in with the size and color scheme of your site.


Copy the chitika code that is generated and go to your blogging system. With wordpress, you might want to include your chitika code in the sidebar, header area or the footer area. You might even want to place the code to appear on each blog post.


Now, all you have to do is test your site to see that the code is installed correctly and working. Make sure to save your work and refresh your site to check the updates.

Adding chitika to a site is not hard at all.  Install the code one time and you can go back to creating content and driving traffic to your blog.

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