How do you get a website for free

How do you get a website for free? This is a question that gets asked a lot online. All you have to do is go to the adwords google free keyword tool and do a search. You will be shocked at the number of times that people from around the globe are typing in those words. There are lots of people that don’t have the money to pay for web hosting and premium wordpress themes. For all those people that are looking for how do you get a website for free, the answer is really simple and not that hard to find.

The simple answer is to get setup with a blog. There are lots of different blog systems that you can get started for free to create a website. Blogs are just a specialized form of website. They take all of the hard work out of web development. The blog is broken down into basic parts. Now that you know that the blog is the way to go, you might want to know the quick places online where you can setup a blog fast.

How do you get a website for free? Go to the website called blogger dot com. All you need is a google account and you can have a site online in just a few minutes. What do you get with your blogger account? You get a blog. Think about the name that you want for your blog web address. This is how people will find your site. Once you pick your blog web address, you are ready to start your online free site.

Google blogger is only one of many different locations that you can get a free website online. Starting with blogger is probably your best bet. There is a downside to using free blogs or free website hosting accounts. Sometimes these types of accounts can have limitations. They might restrict what you can do with the free hosting account. Are you going to want to earn money with your free website? The answer is probably going to be yes. Some of the free sites might frown on you placing affiliate marketing links on the free site. This might present a problem for you in the future. Sometimes people start online with one idea, but later they decide to grow into new areas. Free blogs are good for learning the basics online, but at some point, you are probably going to want more control online. At that point, your own web hosting account is going to be necessary.

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