How Do I Get A Website For Free

There are plenty of people that are looking for good ways to get online.  Many can start with free blogs but they might be afraid to really start marketing affiliate products.  Free blogs have terms of service that can result in account suspensions and complete blog shutdowns.  Who wants to invest a lot of time in building up a site and then finding that it have been completely zapped because of marketing affiliate products?

Don’t you think that it would be wise to create content on sites that give you a little more affiliate options and that are affiliate marketing friendly?  Squidoo might be just the answer that many online marketers will be looking for.  They are not an article directory.  They are an online web 2.0 community.

Squidoo is free

What can be better than getting something for free?  Squidoo is free.  Create your high quality content and post it there.  Squidoo is a little bit different from posting on an article directory.  You are not just posting your content as a simple text file.  Squidoo pages are setup as a collection of modules.  You put them together like legos to create your own special squidoo pages.  So what kind of modules can you add to your squidoo pages?  Amazon associates, ebay and many more are all there for your squidoo page building delight.

Test Your Ideas

With squidoo, you can explore your passions without having to drop a lot of money on web hosting and domain names.  Creating squidoo pages is simple once you get the hang of it.  You can use the wizard to get all the modules that you need in place. Make sure to think hard about the titles that you want to use for your squidoo lens.  Create a well thought out highly searched keyword based url.  Tag your information with keywords.  You can do this for search engine optimization purposes.  Use the free google keyword tool or your favorite seo tools to find the perfect keywords that your audience is searching for.

Turn the World Into Your Office