How do i get a website for free

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Lots of free online web resources to choose from for a free website. There are going to be some strings attached, but hey, its free right.


Really quick way to build webpages. It is not really a website though. Squidoo pages are called lenses. They are made up of different modules. Squidoo is really an online community. You will notice a lot of references to squids. The more that you interact on the site, the more toys you get to play with in creating squidoo pages.


The super fast way to build a site is to use blogger. It is a google service for blogging. Just enter a few bits of information and you can have a blog on the web. Blogger blogs are a great way to learn how to get a website for free. Just pick your blog web address and you are off to the races.


WordPress is the big daddy when it comes to blogging. The free website version is hosted at The software is simple to use and they have plenty of wordpress themes that you can use to make a site look great. It’s free. You don’t have to worry about web development with wordpress. Just start adding your content.


Another free website program. You want to get a free site that is easy to use and this is one. Quick signup and just like a lot of the other free website programs online, you can start posting your content.


Weebly makes it easy to create a website for free. Really simple drag and drop interface. Change the web design with just the click of a few buttons. You can add pages easily and you can add a blog with a quick mouse click.


Another super fast web builder. If you have the content, you can get started quickly without doing a lot of heavy lifting. Just sign up and follow the prompts. Setting up sites is a breeze with webs.


Tumblr is another blogging site. It is really a microblogging site but they make everything simple. The dashboard is what makes a difference with tumblr. You can post text, photos, video and audio. There are plenty of free themes that you can change. It is hard to beat a free tumblr site.

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