Home Business Web Development – Adding more websites to your online portfolio

Do you have more than one website for your home business? The cost of creating a website is low and you might want to use more than one site to go into new markets.

Get a good web hosting account that allows your business to grow over time. Unlimited domain names and unlimited hosting are two features that you need.

Keep track of all of your new websites in a safe place. You want to store the information in a spreadsheet application and you probably want to have it backed up with online file storage in case your computer goes down.

Make sure to include the expiration dates for all of the domains that you have and keep the file updated when you do your domain name renewals. You could always setup auto-renew for your domains, just make sure that you have enough cash in your account or have a business credit card tied to the account.

When you branch off into creating more websites for your business, you are slowly starting to drift into the land of web development. When you are doing one website, you can be hands off. When the number of websites that you have starts to grow, you are going to need to learn more about the whole web development process.

Setting up sites with wordpress can go a long way in helping you successfully maintain your web portfolio. You might not need to hire anybody to keep up with all of your domains. Learning wordpress is not hard to do. There are lots of videos that you can watch on youtube to explain some of the basic functions.

Once you learn how to operate inside of wordpress, you will feel comfortable managing more than one site. You will learn how easy it is to change the look of wordpress with wordpress free and premium themes. You will learn how to add wordpress plugin software to get more things done. Web development with wordpress will allow you to even consider offering web development services to other small business owners that might not want to learn all the hairy details.

Adding more websites to your online portfolio is not going to be as hard as you thought. You can always decide to outsource the management of your websites to other service providers if it takes up too much of your time. The wordpress content management system makes it simple to branch off into new areas online.

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