Home Business Tips – Using Youtube for Business Training


What are you going to do to build your internet marketing business today?  I am spending more time using youtube as a learning tool.  I still watch videos for entertainment, but there is a much bigger opportunity to use youtube for educational purposes.

What kind of videos are you watching?  You have plenty of options.  Instead of just watching videos that are from your specific business niche, why not try to learn from other areas.  I always like to watch videos that discuss business development.  I like watching the videos that talk about success and personal development.  This means that I watch jim rohn, t harv eker, tony robbins, jay abraham and more.

What are you learning by watching free videos on youtube?  The big takeaway that I have been getting recently is the way that you are thinking about business and the mindset that you have to have.  Another item that I am noticing is the importance of language.  I suggest that you take a look at some of the videos from Holton Boggs.  I am not in network marketing business, but taking the time to watch some of the training videos can be very informational.  Instead of focusing on the business that they are trying to promote, think about the message and how it can apply to your business in general.  It is all about marketing.  The products that they are promoting don’t matter.

How are you using Youtube for Training in Your Business?  Instead of watching music videos all the time, it is helpful to type in a current interesting topic that you want to learn more about.  Big data is something that is getting some attention, but probably not by small business or home business owners.  Mobile marketing is also a topic that I like to pull up on youtube.  You can find lots of presentations on youtube that can help fill in the gaps.

Using the internet for your business training is great opportunity.  You have access to lots of information.  All you have to do is log on and start to tap this important resource.  Information is at your fingertips in an instant.  Getting access to the information is available, you have to take the additional step of putting the information that you learn to use in your business.


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