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Video blogging is becoming popular online. Many people just think about writing articles for blogs and not considering using video as a blogging tool. Text based blogging is widely known, but around the globe video blogging has an appeal.

Why is video blogging something that you should consider? There is a big change happening when it comes to computer technology. More internet users are using mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are web connected and they have the ability to watch videos.

People are watching videos on sites like youtube and vimeo. Having information just in a text based format means that you are missing out on a new format that is growing in popularity. You can write a long blog post but will it grab the same attention as a powerful and entertaining video blog? Video content is dynamic and moving. You can pack a lot of information into a video. People love sharing good videos and you might create one that turns viral online.

One of the downsides of video blogging is the amount of bandwidth that your site uses. Are you going to be hosting a video blog on your own site or are you going to post the content to youtube and just link to it? Video web hosting might require that you make sure your web account can handle the video traffic that you generate.

When people are viewing information online, they want the sites to load fast. Internet users don’t want to wait and can become impatient when it comes to slow websites. Make sure that you have a site that can load fast to make sure that you don’t lose your web traffic.

Are you ready to get into video blogging? Before you get started with video blogging, learn some of the basics of making videos. There are lots of ways to make good quality videos. Do you want to learn some of the marketing tips for getting more video views?

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