Home Business Tips – Failure and Rejection

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Getting started in business can take a lot of courage.  Nobody wants to be turned down or humiliated.  The process of putting it all out there to try and make a sale is not for the faint of heart.  We already know that there are going to be bumps along the road to achieving anything of value.  Sometimes we still hesitate to take the steps that we know are necessary.

You have to make offers in order to have a chance to make a sale.  It is true if you are working in your home business from your computer, it is true if you are trying to sell a product by asking random people on the street to buy your product.  Rejection and failure are just a part of life.  You are not going to do everything right.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

We all remember the feeling of successfully riding a bike for the first time.  Do you remember all the times that you failed to ride?  You might have had a helping hand ( mentor ), but you still had to do it for yourself.  You could watch other people riding a bike, but if you didn’t go through the process yourself, you could never have the experience of success.

Think about all the freedom that riding the bike gave you.  You were able to do so many more things once you crossed that line of learning the basics of riding.  You could go just about as far as you wanted.  After you really learned how to ride, you kept getting better at it.  You started doing jumps and wheelies ( Mastery ).  Why is business so much different than learning how to ride a bike?

Business requires learning some basic skills.  Learning those skills can be painful for a time.  You might not be good at talking to customers.  You might not be good at accounting. You might not be good at time management.  There are lots of things to learn and their is a learning curve.

Getting started in business is not different from learning to ride that bike.  There are others that you see running a business.  It can be done.  They are starting businesses at many different ages. Some are still in college and others are starting companies after a long time working as an employee.  Starting a business might have some real road bumps and failures.

The great thing about starting a business is that you are going to learn something.  You are going to learn something with each one of those failures.  You are going to learn something with each one of those rejections.  When you were learning how to ride the bike, you learned to balance yourself for a little bit longer.  You could pedal just a little bit farther.  Until the moment came when you got your balance and you could stay up.  Your home business might be the same way.  You might be failing at article marketing.  The videos that you make might not give you the results that you expected.  The key is to keep moving forward to your home business goals.

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