Home Business – The challenge of running a home business

Running a home business can be challenging.  You will still have the same challenges as any other business but you will be doing it from home.  Sure you don’t have to drive to and from an office building but you are still in business. 

Advertising Your Business

Do you want clients coming to your home to do business?  You might not want people just showing up at your house.  The business that you run from home might not require having people come to your house.  You can go meet your clients at other locations.  There are always starbucks coffee shops that you can use to meet your clients.  Or you might want to meet at the clients location.  You are going to be advertising your home business so you need to consider where you are going to meet.  Some clients will be able to interact over the internet or just with a phone call.  You can advertise your business using social media applications and also look at paid traffic sources. 

Leveraging the Internet

The internet is filled with ads.  Your business is no different.  You can market your business by creating free ebooks and articles that contain links back to your website.  Are you any good with creating videos?  People are always looking for information online.  What is your home business focus?  Think about turning your home business knowledge into videos that people can learn from.  You answer some of the tough questions that beginners might need to get to the next step.  You might not want to appear on video but you can create short videos using screen capture software that can still get the job done.  Leverage the internet to get traffic to your website.  Write articles and post them to your blogs and article directories.  Make sure that you use keyword tools that help optimize your content for the search engines. 

Dealing with Distractions

Working from home means that you will have to deal with some distractions.  Are you going to be focused enough to complete your work when you have a big screen tv in the next room?  When you go to an office you don’t have the distractions of home like the refrigerator or the tv.  Create a home office environment that makes you feel like you are in your own cubicle so that you can get your work done.

Turn the World Into Your Office

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