Home Business Mobile Marketing

Home business owners want to learn more about mobile.  The question that is on every business owners mind is…How to make money with mobile?

There are lots of prospects that are walking around with mobile devices.  It seems just like every few months there is a new hot mobile device that is getting all the news attention.  Business owners want to be ready to deal with these mobile prospects on their own terms.

What are the different mobile devices that business owners need to be concerned with?  Everybody knows about the apple iphone.  The apple iphone really broke the mold.  They turned mobile telephone into a real computing device.

The apple smartphone is probably the most widely known type of smartphone.  There are other brands of smartphones with different operating systems.  Google android phones are another large part of the mobile device market.  How should business owners consider getting into mobile marketing?

Smartphones are not the only game in town.  Tablet computers are also in the hands of your prospects.  What happens when they pull up your website and your website is not ready to handle a mobile browser?  Is the game over.  Prospects that are searching the web might do what you would do.  They just hit the back button and try another site.  Now you are opening the door for all of your competitors that have spend the time and invested in building a mobile site.

What about creating mobile apps for your business?  Smartphone users can download mobile apps and have quick access to your business.  You have to consider the different operating systems again.  Google Android and the Apple world are the two big options.

Think about what you want your prospects to do.  Do you just want them to use their mobile phone to give you a call?  Are you trying to use mobile apps for generating new leads?  These are just a couple of questions that you have to answer.

Setting up mobile websites or creating mobile apps might be out of your task level as a business owner.  You can search the web to find people that can create mobile apps and sites.  You might be able to get away with using qr codes and blogs.  Some blogging systems have software that you can install to make your blog mobile ready.  Don’t forget about offline marketing options that focus on mobile devices.  Get qr codes or quick response codes that mobile device owners can use to get to your sites.

The mobile device market is constantly changing.  Home and small business owners should learn more about what is possible.  Think about what you want to accomplish with mobile marketing.  Are you looking to generate immediate sales or are you trying to get more leads for your business?  There are lots of questions that have to get answered.

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