Home Business Marketing – Offline or Online

People are really focused on web marketing, but the next time that you go shopping, pay attention to the parking lots. There are still lots of people that buy real items in the real world.

Think about how you can leverage the offline world for your online business. Working from home just means that you have a home office space. You might still be going to clients offices or selling face to face.

The internet is a 24 hour sales channel, but don’t forget about the sales that are going on offline. Your home business might benefit from flyer marketing or even direct mail. What are you doing in the terms of real world marketing for your business.

Some business owners are still using some of the older marketing methods like cold calling. There are advancements in online marketing. It all depends on what you are trying to sell. Setting up a facebook fan page and driving traffic with paid ads might make more sense for some kinds of businesses.

It is important to test different marketing channels to see which ones are more effective for your business.

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Turn the World Into Your Office