Top 11 Home Business Marketing Tips



What are you going to do to put your home business in front of your potential clients?

  1. Blog about your business

    Create new blog posts and post them on your sites.This could include guest posting on other popular websites for traffic and new connections.  If you don’t have a blog already create one for your home business.  They are easy to setup and simple to maintain.  Post information that your target audience would love to learn more about.  Post on a consistent schedule and keep your site fresh with new articles, images and videos.

  2. Use social media apps

    Facebook and twitter get a lot of traffic.  You can include links to your home business website in your profile.  Get followers and connect with old friends.  Are you going to push all of your services all the time on social media..No.  People will just unfollow you or drop you from their friend list.  Be smart about it.  When you have something to share that can benefit others let them know, otherwise keep it general.

  3. Make a video

    Are you ready to make feature films about your business?  You don’t have to be a big budget movie director to create videos for your home business.  You can use your smartphone, digital camera or your computer to create videos for you home business.Video cameras are dirt cheap and some come with high definition quality.   Smartphones can capture videos that you can use online.  There are even software programs that you can use to create videos from spreadsheet presentations.  And if you really want to get videos done with little to no effort, you can use online video software that takes your pictures and turns them into videos.  If you want to create videos for your home business there is a solution.

  4. Do audio podcasts / host own online radio show

    Have you thought about creating your own podcasts? Take some of the information that you have created in written format and turn it into audio files.  People love to listen and learn while they are exercising or just away from their computers.  Audio podcasts can provide a new way for people to get access to your info.  They can listen to your content while they are driving to and from work or while they are on the treadmill and getting a workout in.What about having your own radio show?  Interview others and create a real program that provides value to your audience.  The radio show format is familiar and can have more give and take then you just talking into the microphone.  Come up with the questions and let the content get created by your guest.  Learn and interact for the benefit of the audience.  Easily Create an Online Radio Show & Reach Millions Today! Get Started with BlogTalkRadio, FREE for 30 Days!

  5. Use free classified ads

    Do people still use classified ads?  They might not be picking up a classified paper at the grocery store but they might go online to search for items and services.  Don’t think just because it is free that nobody will use it.  Big traffic comes to online classified sites.  Learn more about using classifieds to make money.

  6. Offline Flyers

    Make good old fashioned flyers for your business.  They are simple to create and you can probably get them done just using the stuff that you have around the house.  A laser printer and a word processing program like microsoft word or google docs are all that you need.  Just come up with the right headline and information about your business.  This is quick and dirty marketing.

  7. Post articles in article directories

    Create written content and submit it to the article directories.  Sure google panda came through and cut some of the article directories off at the knees but you may still want to put an article or two up there.  All article directories are different.  After panda, they have really tightened up the submission requirements and the editorial guidelines.  You may have to wait a while for your articles to get approved.   Don’t sweat it.  If the article directory gets too iffy about your articles, you can always just post them on your sites.

  8. Write Ebooks

    Do you a book in you?  Ebooks are really hot right now.  New mobile devices like the amazon kindle and other ereaders like the barnes and noble nook are flying off the shelves as people move from paper books to ebooks.  Ebooks don’t have to be full length novels.  They can just be information for your targeted market.  Create documents and save them in pdf format.  Use ebooks as giveaways to build up your mailing list.  Learn more about how you can build income with ebooks. Turn your writing skills into a new income stream.

  9. Speak at seminars

    Do you have a passion for public speaking or are you terrified of getting up in front of an audience to talk?  This might be your ticket.  Create your own local seminars or speak at local functions.  Create a lesson plan or create a small quick course.  Local organizations are always looking to keep their members updated with new information.  Get a room and start sharing your information.  It may be a lead generation tool or you could make sales of your products and services.

  10. Host online webinars

    Similar to hosting an online radio program but with visual aides.  Get a bunch of your users online and walk them through an important new topic.  They might want to learn how to setup social media advertising campaigns or how to use your new software application.  Webinars let you distribute information to your audience and interact with them through chat or phone calls.

  11. Participate in Online Forums

    Become a participant in online forums.  You can learn a lot just by joining a forum and reading the threads.  Post information, respond to topics, and post your own questions.  Forums bring new and advanced users together to share info.  You might become aware of products and services that can help your business or the forum may have an area for you to list your services.  Plus you may be able to include a link to your website in your forum signature so that every time you make a comment your website gets a little bit more exposure.  Check out this top internet marketing forum.


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